Excursion Romsdalen Valley & Lesja Open Air Museum

Excursion Romsdalen Valley & Lesja Open Air Museum

Duration: 5 hours / Difficulty: Very easy

Lesja Museum is a historic site museum located in a unique wilderness area in Norway, surrounded by Reinheimen National Park in South, and Dovrefjell National Park in North. Learn more about the area’s wildlife, culture and heritage in the modern exhibition in the museum.

Combine the best of Romsdalen in one tour: A bus ride through the scenic Romsdalen valley, and a visit to a real gem; Lesja Museum. Includes a photostop by the foot of Trollveggen mountain and at the Slettafossen waterfalls. 

Enjoy a fantastic bus drive through the beautiful Romsdalen valley, where you get a photostop by the foot of Trollveggen. Your destination is Lesja Museum, nestled in one of the greatest national park districts of Norway. On this excursion you will join a guided tour in the old Lesja Church, famous for its wood carvings. The tour includes the enctrance to Lesja Museum, where you get a glimpse of the everyday life on the mountain farms in Norway through centuries. Lesja Museum offers an authentic environment in the open air museum housing 12 buildings from the 18th and 19th century and portrays local inland culture, working life and living conditions from this time. The modern museum building contains a new exibithion about this area's nature and environment, and you can learn about hunting traditions, flora and fauna in this unique wilderness area. 

This is an organised trip by bus, but there will be no guide on board the bus. The bus driver will take good care of the passengers, and give advice on the sites you will be visiting. At Lesja Museum you will be warmly welcomed by the staff, and they will organise a guided tour for you. 

There is no food included on this bus excursion, but there are possibilities to buy some snack at the Lesja Museum. 

What’s included

  • A scenic bus tour through Romsdalen valley.
  • A photostop at Trollveggen.
  • The entrance to Lesja Museum, including a visit in the modern exhibition area and the open air museum.
  • A guided tour in Lesja Church.
  • A photostop at Slettafossen on your way back.

Time schedule

  • Departure with bus from Åndalsnes at 10.00
  • Photostop by the foot of Trollveggen at 10.15
  • Departure from Trollveggen at 10.30
  • Arrival at Lesja Museum at 11.45
  • Departure from Lesja Museum with bus at 13:15
  • Arrival at Slettafossen at 14:00
  • Departure from Slettafossen at 14:20
  • Arrival in Åndalsnes at 15:00

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