Excursion The Troll Express: Trollveggen and Norsk Tindesenter

Excursion The Troll Express: Trollveggen and Norsk Tindesenter

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes / Difficulty: Very easy

The tour starts from port of Åndalsnes and includes two of the highlights in the Åndalsnes area; Trollveggen and Norsk Tindesenter. Experience the majestic and impressiveTrollveggen massive. Trollveggen visitor centre will serve you coffee or tea and a good snack. Inside Norsk Tindesenter you will see the film “Trollfolk”, a film about the Norwegian trolls and spectacular video clips of the famous and impressive mountains located in Romsdalen. 


1 hr and 30 mins. 


• The film “Trollfolk” inside Norsk Tindesenter
• Bus to Trollveggen Visitor Centre
• Coffe/tea and a snack
• Bus back to the port of Åndalsnes



Trollveggen is Europe’s highest vertical mountain wall. The peaks reach heights of nearly 1,800 metres into the sky. The upper 1000 m is vertical, and there is an overhang of nearly 50 meters! Scandinavian rock climbing started in the Romsdal Alps, which boast some of the world’s most difficult climbs.

Trollveggen Visitor Centre is located under the Troll Wall, and the visitor centre is a spectacular building with large panoramic windows towards Trollveggen.



Norsk Tindesenter is a brand-new visitor centre in Åndalsnes, the «capital of mountains» in the heart of Romsdalen Valley. The centre was opened in 2016 and accommodates the Norwegian mountaineering museum, and Norway’s highest indoor climbing wall providing challenging routes for everyone between 3 and 103 years, a café, a restaurant and a gift shop.

Facilities on the sites 

Toilets inside Norsk Tindesenter and at Trollveggen Visitor Center. 

Cafeteria and souvenir shop in the mentioned sites.


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